from which aspects to check the frequency control cabinet?

2021-04-09 09:00

Variable Frequency Control Cabinet High Quality, unique, durable, easy to install and operate, is the reliable partner of all types of pumps. The utility model has the advantages of reducing the operating cost, improving the pressure linearity, improving the service life of the motor, saving resources, etc. . If the disconnector in the control cabinet can not be re-closed, it should be as follows:

1. Press the re-close function key, the re-close magnet coil has power but does not move, the under-voltage magnet coil should be disassembled immediately;

2. When the contact of the reclosing function key point is poor, it should be disassembled and replaced;

3. The Control Circuit fuse core should be disassembled after damage;

4, the isolation switch does not have the energy accumulator as far as possible checks the electric motor work standard voltage to exceed 85% ;

5, the reclosing electromagnetic coil work standard voltage is too small should notice: reclosing electromagnetic coil work standard voltage exceeds 85% as far as possible;

6, reclosing electromagnetic coil damage should be immediately removed;

7, Parts Cabinet isolation switch secondary circuit contact bad condition, should immediately shake the parts cabinet isolation switch, and then shake again to the connection, check that the secondary circuit is securely connected; in this case, the main switch of 10,000 RPM should turn the main switch of the power supply in the stop position to the receiving position. The indoor decoration of the software environment of the frequency conversion control cabinet or the dust rising from the construction site caused more dust adhesion in the frequency conversion cabinet and the soft starter, which led to the bad contact phenomenon of the household appliances in the frequency conversion cabinet, check the terminal block and AC contactor and clean the dust. Soft starter shows "OH1" , belongs to the soft starter hot plate over-temperature, cleaning the soft starter internal dust.

Soft starter control box (soft starter electric cabinet/electric control cabinet) can be widely used in metallurgy industry, chemical plant, crude oil, power supply, mining, decorative building materials, motor fields and other pumps, centrifugal fans, air compressors, rolling machines, plastic machines, belt conveyors and other high-voltage motor equipment. The frequency converter cabinet adopts closed vertical structure, water proof grade is generally IP20, IP21, IP30 etc. . The aluminum profile frame is selected, the surface layer is coated with static spray plastic, and it is very easy to be installed in the cabinet, the upper part can be equipped with bus slot, soft Starter Control panel external to the surface of the cabinet can be immediately practical operation, according to must be able to set in-place and remote operation or PC/PLC communication control, with a very visual role of a variety of demonstration.