What are the common problems of Frequency Conversion Control Cabinet?

2020-03-09 00:00

(1) the power distribution system for construction power consumption shall set up a total frequency conversion control cabinet, a sub-frequency control cabinet and a distribution box, and set them according to the order of "total-sub-open" and generate a "three-level power distribution" mode.

(2) the installation parts of the variable frequency control cabinets and distribution boxes of the power distribution system for construction shall be effective. The total variable frequency control cabinet should be as close as possible to the transformer or the external switching power supply to facilitate the introduction of switching power supply. Sub-frequency control cabinet should be installed as far as possible in the power machine equipment or load relative concentration of the region, to ensure that the three-phase load remains stable. The position of distribution box should be as close to the power consumption machine and equipment as possible according to the situation on the spot and the working condition.

(3) to ensure the three-phase load balance of Lindian power distribution system, there should be two power consumption control loops for driving power consumption and general lighting power consumption on the construction site, and the power cabinet and lighting box should be set separately.

(4) all power consumption machines and equipment on the construction site must have their own special distribution boxes.

(5) the Shell and the internal setting of each frequency conversion control cabinet must meet the requirements, the electrical switch should be marked with the main purpose, the shell should be unified serial number. The switch power supply should be disconnected and the tailgate should be locked when the inverter control cabinet is stopped. The movable frequency conversion control cabinet should set up the guard rail, and has the waterproof rainproof anti-smashing countermeasure. The variable frequency control cabinet is generally used at home, while the distribution box is used in centralized power supply systems, such as commercial and construction power consumption, etc. . The variable frequency control cabinet and distribution box belong to mechanical equipment, frequency Control Cabinet belongs to the mechanical equipment under pressure, distribution box with high pressure under pressure.